These are the 11 Worst Sports Card Autographs Ever

With our introduction of more sports trading cards to the Zephyr Epic Online Store, we figured it’d be a great chance to take a look at some of the World’s worst autographed sports cards.

So without further ado, let’s get to the list:

1. Mourice Ager’s A

Maurice Ager's Autograph

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lazier signature in my life!

2. Knile Davis’s Initials

Knile Davis's Autograph

This is a particularly sloppy set of initials.

3. Chris Johnson’s CZ? C2?

Chris Johnson's Autograph

What even is that second letter? I can only say one thing for sure: it’s not a J!

4. Zeke DeVoss’s Middlename is 2

Zeke DeVoss's Autograph

There’s no other explanation for the 2 in the middle of Z and V. Speaking of V, it’s more of a U now that we look closely. What does Z 2 U stand for?

5. Josh Howard’s Attempt

Josh Howard's Autograph

What even is this?

6. Nick Perry’s Double Arches

Nick Perry's Autograph

It’s almost like it’s an Abstract take on the McDonald’s logo.

7. Vernand Morency’s Double V

Vernand Morency's Autograph

Maybe it’s an upside down M?

8. Tyler Anderson’s Minimal Effort

Tyler Anderson's Autograph

Seriously, any less effort and it’d just be a single line. And maybe a dot.

9. Chris Rainey’s U

Chris Rainey's U

There is no way this has anything to do with his name. He just likes the letter U.

10. Drew Storen’s Artwork

Drew Storen's Autograph

At this point it’s not even a signature anymore. This is an abstract art piece that perfectly captures the meaning of time and our futility in trying to hold on to it as it slips away from our fingers.

11. Ryne Sandberg’s Squiggling

Ryne Sandberg's Autograph

If one of you can show me the Ryne or the Sandberg in this auto, I’ll award you with the title of chief autograph translation expert.

This is just the surface

With so many cards out there, it’s not a matter of whether there are more bad autos, but whether there are any worse than these. If you have a sports card with a bad autograph, let us know we’d love to look at it!