Let’s Build! – Blue-Eyes White Dragon

With lots going on in the ever changing world of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start building more-complicated-than-intended decks. As such, it’s easy to get caught up reminiscing about the early days of Duel Monsters, when Exodia was the most elusive card you could find, Pot of Greed was still legal and Blue-Eyes White Dragon dominated as the strongest possible monster readily available. While lots has changed since those days, it all comes back again. If you’re like us though, the return of the classic Blue-Eyes White Dragon as an Archetype was welcomed with loving arms and nostalgic spirit, especially with the introduction of its accompanying cards.

Today we’re going to go over which sets and cards you’re going to want to scoop up to unlock the true power of the most powerful Normal Monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG to date!

So buckle up, get excited, and Let’s Build: Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Structure Deck 

Lets Build Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck


The Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck was released in September of 2013, and while it is an older release it still offers a ton of awesome cards that are perfect for building a Blue-Eyes deck.

Let’s get into it:

  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon: It goes without saying that a Blue-Eyes deck has to have the powerful beast, and if you don’t already have one, you’re going to want 3 to make this deck worthwhile.
  • Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon: This card is a game-changer, with the ability to stop cards and effects that target your Dragon Monsters and the ability to resurrect a Normal-Type Dragon monster from your graveyard once per turn.You’re never really at a loss by having some of these ready to go in the Extra Deck. If you’re wondering about tuners useful in summoning it, don’t sweat it, keep reading!
  • Maiden with Eyes of Blue: This card is not just a useful Tuner type monster, it also comes packed with effects guaranteed to make your opponent’s heads roll.  This card allows you to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragons from your hand, deck OR graveyard simply by getting targeted by an effect or by an attack, and if that wasn’t cool enough, once per turn if this card is targeted for an attack, you can negate it by changing its battle position, giving you enough time to special summon a Blue-Eyes and be ready to go on an Azure-Eyes right at the start of your next turn.
  • Silver’s Cry: Silver’s Cry is a must have in this deck. With it, you’re able to bring back your Blue-Eyes White Dragons from the dead and because it is a Quick-Play Spell, you can play this on your opponent’s turn. It’s a really quick and efficient way to slow someone down!
  • Cards of Consonance: This card gives you a unique play by allowing you to trash one of the low level Tuners found in this deck to draw 2 new cards. The catch is that a lot of the Tuner cards in this deck allow you to summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon after they go to the graveyard, essentially giving you 3 for the price of 1.  Plus this deck also contains a Dragon Shrine, a card similar to Cards of Consonance. However,this time it enables you to send a Dragon-Type monster directly from your deck. Additionally,if it was a Normal Dragon-Type monster it enables you to send a SECOND Dragon-Type monster from your deck – picture those effects being utilized with our next card!
  • The White Stone of Legend: This is a prime example of a card that when sent to the graveyard allows you to pull a Blue-Eyes from your deck. This means that by using cards like Cards of Consonance or Dragon Shrine you can get a free Blue-Eyes White Dragon direct from your deck without having to wait for that pesky draw-phase.  

This deck offers a ton of Blue-Eyes support and comes with general Deck support as well. Swords of Revealing Light is a sure fire slow-down for any opponent and Honest gives you a major power boost when trying to go for that winning blow. “Kunai with Chain” give you the option at two different effects to stop an opponent’s monster or the option of using both effects to really throw a wrench in things.

Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss Booster Box 

Just like the name states, this booster pack is really geared towards offering Duelists a wider variety of Blue-Eyes Archetype cards as well as some very powerful Ritual options that can give a unique spin to your Blue-Eyes deck.  

Lets Build Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck

Here’s some notable cards in the WHITE DRAGON ABYSS set :

  • Melody of Awakening Dragon: This card is a must in any Blue-Eyes build. This card is made useful by discarding one card to pull up to two Blue-Eyes White Dragons from your deck. This means that if you have a White Stone of Legend in your hand, you can discard it to get it’s effect and then pull two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons on top of that. For anyone looking to use “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” this is the way to do it, you could potentially have a 4500 Attack monster on your first turn!
  • The Ultimate Creature of Destruction: True to its name this card unleashes the true power of Blue-Eyes by allowing you to make one of your Dragons unaffected by card effects. Meaning,spells, traps or monster effects will not be taking away your Dragon. On top of that already mean effect, this card saves your Dragon from being destroyed by battle and offers you the ability to destroy any monster that it battled with this turn at the end phase. This is the Ultimate Beast’s Ultimate Combo.
  • Bingo Machine, Go!!!: This card might seem like a gamble (literally) and though it’s rumoured this is of short print, it is still worth seeking one out for your Blue-Eyes Deck. Essentially it works like this, pull 3 Blue-Eyes monsters OR spell or traps that specifically mentions Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon from your deck and have your opponent add one randomly to your hand. This is especially useful early in a  game when reaching a rut, and can be extremely effective in pulling 3 of the same card and forcing your opponent to place one of them at your disposal.
  • Blue-Eyes Chaos and Chaos MAX Dragon: If you’re looking to elaborate on your variations of Blue-Eyes, look no further. Blue-Eyes Chaos and Chaos MAX Dragon are virtually indestructible because neither of them can be destroyed or targeted by your opponent’s effects. Furthermore, if you get Blue-Eyes Chaos on the field by using a Blue-Eyes White Dragon as your Ritual material then you get to change the battle position of every single one of your opponents cards.Moreover, if you do this, you can reduce their ATK/DEF to 0, and inflict Piercing Damage this turn, which means you are essentially guaranteeing a blow of 3000 directly to your opponent just for playing Blue-Eyes Chaos.

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon cannot be targeted or destroyed by battle, but this powerhouse card lets you do double piercing damage! This means if you can get both of these cards out on the field you can deal a finishing blow on a single attack!

The Darkside of Dimensions Movie Pack 

Let's Build Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck


You may be wondering why THE DARKSIDE OF DIMENSIONS MOVIE PACK earned it’s place on this list. But Yes! The Darkside of Dimensions Movie Pack is a small set that packs a heavy hit for Blue-Eyes. Not only does it increase your chances of pulling a Blue-Eyes Chaos or Chaos MAX Dragon but it also offers some incredible Blue-Eyes Archetype cards, deck enhancers and a beautiful limited release Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. All that aside, his set is needed for one card and one card only,

  • Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon: This is a variant of the classic that offers you the same attack, same defense and a killer effect. This Monster is not only Unlimited (allowed up to 3 per deck, just like Blue-Eyes White Dragon) but it can be summoned with extreme ease. By simply revealing that you hold a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your hand to your opponent you can Special Summon this Monster directly to your field. Plus, if this card is on your field or in your graveyard it falls under the name of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” which helps with other effects such as Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon! This amazing creature also lets you target 1 monster your opponent controls and destroy it! Now, you might not be able to attack with Blue-Eyes Alternative this turn but you have the  ability to use it as Synchro material. Use this effect to clear the field and then Synchro summon a Blue-Eyes Azure Dragon before your Battle-Phase even begins!

Legendary Collection Kaiba

Let's Build Blue EYes White Dragon Deck

We have come at last to the final item on our list of deck enhancers for the Blue-Eyes Archetype and who’da thunk, it’s the Legendary Collection of the man himself, Mr. Seto Kaiba. Just as the other Legendary Collections of the past, this collection holds tons of cards to give your Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck the boost it needs to make it indestructible.  Let’s pull out the must-haves and explain their importance.

  • Kaibaman: What better way to use a deck based around Kaiba’s legendary monsters than to have Kaiba in the deck himself? This card gives you the ability to tribute him to make way for a special summoned Blue Eyes White Dragon. So if used properly you can get a Blue Eyes White Dragon on the field by simply pulling a Kaibaman!
  • The White Stone of Ancients: Similar to White Stone of Legend, this card allows you to search for a Blue-Eyes Monster after White Stone of Ancients hits the graveyard, but you also get to PLAY the Dragon in your End Phase. Not only is that an impressive effect, but you also have the opportunity to remove this card from your graveyard, target a Dragon in your graveyard and return it to your hand! Even after death, White Stone of Ancients fuels the white flame of the Blue-Eyes.
  • Dragon Spirit of White: Despite its name, this card is always treated as a Blue-Eyes card, so naturally it fits right in, but would you believe me if I told you it is also considered a Normal Monster while in your Hand or Graveyard? This makes for an unbelievably versatile Dragon! Even after it’s dead, with cards like White Stone of Ancients and Melody of Awakening Dragon, you can easily resurrect this ferocious creature and turn your foes to dust!
  • Mausoleum of White: Some people might argue that contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh! doesn’t have much room these days for Field Spell cards. Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise, especially with Mausoleum of White allowing you to normal summon a Level 1, LIGHT Tuner monster in addition to your normal summon every turn. It also allows you to discard a Normal Dragon type monster from your deck or hand to the graveyard every turn to give another monster on the field attack and defense equal to the discarded monsters stars x 100 until the end of the turn. Furthermore, if you find this card lingering in the graveyard, you can banish it to search your deck for a Burst Stream of Destruction which allows you to destroy all your opponent’s monsters – given that you have a Blue Eyes White Dragon on the field.
  • Sage with Eyes of Blue: Another LIGHT Tuner Monster and my personal favorite from the Blue-Eyes build, Sage with Eyes of Blue not only allows you to add a Level 1 LIGHT Tuner from your deck to your hand once summoned but he also works as a nifty little hand effect. You can discard Sage with Eyes of Blue to target an Effect Monster you control, send it to the Graveyard and then Special Summon one Blue-Eyes monster from your deck. With that in mind, you could potentially summon a White Stone of Ancients, discard Sage with Eyes of Blue, send White Stone of Ancients to the Graveyard and by the end phase you could have one, two or even three Blue-Eyes Monsters on the field!
  • Master with Eyes of Blue: Master with Eyes of Blue falls under the Level 1 LIGHT Tuner umbrella of this deck, and he also packs a punch. Master with Eyes of Blue allows you to add another Level 1 LIGHT Tuner from your graveyard to your hand. On top of this Master with Eyes of Blue has an after death effect that lets you shuffle him into your deck, then target an effect monster and send it to your graveyard to bring a Blue-Eyes monster back from the dead for a second round on the field.
  • Burst Stream of Destruction: Much like Raigeki, Burst Stream of Destruction obliterates your foes monsters simply by having a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field – not a difficult feat with a deck like this! This card may restrict you from attacking that turn but with cards like Dragon Spirit of White floating around it’s not hard to clear the field and also pack a heavy attack!
  • Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon: Last but not least on our list of Blue-Eyes cards is the powerful and exciting Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon. Looking at the purple design of this card might make you wonder what it’s doing in a deck without a Polymerization but that’s where this card holds its true power. Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon may be a Fusion monster however, it holds an effect that allows you to simply Special Summon it by sacrificing two Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Whether it be with the Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon or the standard Blue-Eyes White Dragon, this monster is not at all difficult to summon. Plus, it cannot be destroyed by battle, can make up to 2 attacks on monsters per battle phase as well as remove from play any monster it couldn’t defeat. Since this card will be waiting patiently in your Extra Deck and takes little space in your build, we highly recommend having Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon ready for battle


Now that you have the inside scoop on some of the staple cards for a Blue-Eyes deck, go out there an embrace your inner Kaiba!

Thanks for reading & stay epic!!

Let's Build - Blue Eyes White Dragon