Three Crazy Awesome DIY Pokémon Projects

Not too long ago, we made a blog post with a couple of easy DIY projects for Pokemon TCG Lovers. The projects in that post were simple and could be done with stuff lying around the house.

But, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, there are a few amazing DIY projects out there! Check out these 3 advanced DIY projects and see for yourself:

1. DIY Pokemon Backpacks (Gengar, Jigglypuff, and Charmander)

This DIY project is so awesome. It also has the plus of having different difficulty levels. Jigglypuff’s backpack is the easiest, Gengar a tad more difficult, and Charmander the most difficult.

Materials Needed:

Pokemon Jigglypuff DIY Backpack

Jigglypuff Backpack

  • Pink Backpack
  • Felt/Fleece Fabric (Pink and Black)
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Foam Sheet (White)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Pattern 1
  • Pattern 2

Pokemon Gengar DIY Backpack

Gengar Backpack

  • Backpack (Purple)
  • Felt/Fleece Fabric (Purple)
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Foam Sheet (White)
  • Glow in the Dark Powder
  • Acrylic Medium
  • Permanent Markers (Black)
  • Pattern 1
  • Pattern 2

Pokemon Charizard DIY Backpack

Charmander Backpack

How to Make the Backpacks:

The process for each is slightly different as they each range in difficulty as mentioned before. Depending on the backpack, you’ll need to do some sewing/stitching, painting, cutting, stuffing, gluing, and drawing.

The best way to make these DIY pokemon backpacks is to follow Budget Hobby’s video on it (they’re the one’s who provided the free patterns too!):


2. Pokemon TCG Birthday/Holiday Card

This next DIY project is based on a DIY Pokemon Valentines Card, but it makes a great DIY birthday or holiday card with only slight modifications.

Materials Needed:

  • Set of 12 Red Bi-fold Cards (You could also use cardstock or just paper!)
  • Paper Cutter
  • 12×12 inch Sheet of Black Cardstock
  • Glue Runner
  • Compass
  • Black Marker
  • Pokemon Cards or Booster Packs

How to Make it:

Step 1 (Cardstock/paper): Take two pieces of cardstock/paper (One red, and one white) and glue them together. Then, fold the glued together cardstock/paper into a card so that white is on the outside. Then turn the card sideways and cut it in the middle so you’re left with two smaller cards like in the image below.

Step 1 (Red Bi-fold Cards): Turn your cards sideways and cut it in the middle so that you’re left with two smaller cards like so:

Pokemon DIY Greeting Card

Step 2: Cut the top half of the front flap and set the piece aside (it’s important for later). Your card should now appear half red and half white on the front.

Pokemon DIY Greeting Card

Step 3: Cut a black 1.5 inch strip from cardstock and trim it to the width of your card.

Step 4: Attach your black strip to the front of your card. Make sure half of the black stripe overlaps the red and half overlaps the white.

Pokemon DIY Greeting Card

Step 5: Using a compass and the leftover piece of card, draw and cut out a circle. You’ll want to draw on the red side of the card so that the white is left mark free.

Pokemon DIY Greeting Card

Step 6: Now, using a black sharpie, create a black line around the edges of your circle.

Step 7: Adhere your circle to the card and write a message of your choice in the center. You can also use the white area below the black stripe to write a message and who the card’s from as well!

Pokemon DIY Greeting Card

Step 8: Glue the edges of the front flap down to the card so that it creates a pocket. Then, store a pokemon card, or even a booster pack inside said pocket!

Pokemon DIY GReeting Card

You’re done! this makes a great gift/card combo for birthdays and holidays. Pokemon TCG lovers are sure to be thankful when they receive it!

3. Extended Art Pokemon Cards

This will wow you if you haven’t already seen it:

Pokemon Painted Cards

These “Extended Art” Pokemon cards were created by an artist and have since gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. But, you don’t need to be an artist to do a bit of extended art card painting yourself!

First, take a look at how the cards pictured above were made:

To do this yourself,  take a common pokemon card (You don’t want to use a rare/valuable pokemon card!) and paint over the stats area of the card.

Some tips for this project are to choose a card which has a simple design/art style. Doing this at first will help you to create a one of a kind art piece even if you aren’t this generation’s Picasso.

Once you’ve painted the card, let it dry and you’ll have your very own custom full art Pokemon card.